Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

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Chemically speaking, medium-chain trigycerides (MCT) have a glycerol backbone with three fatty acids attached to it. These fatty acids are straight chain, with carbon atoms ranging from six to twelve.

Humans metabolise MCTs differently from long-chain fats. MCTs, are absorbed quickly, and easily processed by the liver into ketone bodies. In contrast, enzymes and bile are necessary for the processing of longer chain fatty acids. MCTs also do not get stored as fat in the body, hence, it could be used as part of a weight management program.

Ketone bodies are an alternative fuel used by the brain (the other being glucose) in situations when the brain cannot access glucose (during starvation periods or if a person suffers from Alzheimer’s).

Natural sources of MCTs include coconut oil, dairy (cheese, milk, butter), palm kernel oil, breast milk and goat’s milk.


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