Diabetes in the UK

The number of people living with diabetes is on the rise. According to a recent BBC news report, diabetes increased 60% over the past decade. Call it what you want but this is extremely alarming. The pressure on the NHS is so heavy that diabetes medication accounts for about 10% of the NHS drugs bill. It is estimated that over 3 million are currently living with diabetes (Type 1 & 2). By 2025, five million people are expected to have developed diabetes in the UK.

Complications include cardiovascular disease, eye problems, neuropathy, depression, kidney disease and dementia, amongst others.

Chances are someone at home, work and in your circle of friends have it. While we have little control of Type 1 diabetes happening, Type 2 is very much a lifestyle disease. Genetics may play a part in developing Type 2 but obesity is the most probable risk factor.

This is the part where optimists should rejoice. By making changes to the way we feed our bodies, we can control obesity and reduce the chances of developing diabetes. Physical activity should also be part of this, but it is important to recognise that you cannot out-train a bad diet. A healthy body will be THE side effect of primarily eating carefully chosen real food. I, for one, wouldn’t mind that.



[With information from Diabetes UK, accessed 17 August 2015.]


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