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We only source highly nutritional, quality produce we personally use. Along with some handy hints and tips to help improve your health and well-being, we’ve also shared some simple recipes to help you kick-start the habit of cooking from scratch. Visit our shop to purchase the range of rawCo Coconut Products and welcome a healthier tomorrow!

About rawCo

At rawCo, a passion for health is at the very core of our business. As science progresses, so too does our understanding of how the human body works; the way we look at nutrition continually evolves. Research is clarifying previously misunderstood beliefs concerning how and what we eat in order to maintain a healthy body. For instance saturated fat used to be the enemy; we now know the opposite to be true – saturated fats found in coconut oil, butter, meat and eggs are actually incredibly beneficial for our health! Among the benefits, saturated fats encourage the liver to function more effectively, help muscles and tissue repair and the saturated fatty acids found in butter and coconut oil in particular help to build a strong immune system.

In today’s world we all have busy lives so it’s vital that we don’t overlook the importance of our physical health. Conditions such as heart disease, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are now prevalent and the root causes often include inactivity, refined carbohydrates and overeating. It’s all too easy to grab fast food on the run, or phone for a takeaway at the end of a long day but with a bit of forward-planning, quick and healthy, home-cooked meals can become the norm. The reality is there’s no panacea for a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise and nutritionally balanced food choices are the key to combating conditions associated with poor diet.

Cook & Bake with Us!!

Get the most of our products with a these delicious and wholesome recipes.